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Secure, safe self-storage units in Northwich are monitored 24/7. Get in touch with us today.

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Secure Storage in Northwich

If you are moving house or just need some extra space, we can accommodate your needs storage needs in Northwich. We offer our storage units for all kinds of items including furniture and other household items. Our storage facilities are clean, dry and monitored by CCTV systems 24/7. We have a dedicated team ready to assist you with your needs during your removal process.

Parkers Removals know that every customer is different which is why our storage units come in three sizes, small medium and large. So, whether you are after storage for the short term or the long term, we have something for everyone’s needs.

If you require more room or just want to be certain that your stuff will be secure when not in use, give us a call right now about our services! We provide the ideal solution for both short- and long-term storage.



Monitored Storage Units

We provide the finest storage solutions in Northwich. With 24-hour video surveillance, our warehouses are clean and safe. At our centre, you may keep your belongings for as long as you need to.

Plus, we have an onsite manager who will keep an eye on everything to ensure that nothing goes missing or is damaged while it’s kept with us!

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Why Choose Us?


Naturally, your valuables are extremely important to you, therefore you can't risk them in the hands of anybody. You should use businesses that have a solid reputation for supplying house removals.

Parkers Removals has been providing piano house removals for over 40 years and we have no rivals. As a result, you may rely on our vast knowledge to assist you in moving your home in the most efficient manner possible. You can be certain that all of your valuables will be handled with care while they are in our care.

Specialised Equipment

We understand how time-consuming and stressful moving may be at Parkers Removals. To handle and transport your possessions securely, we've invested a lot of money in specialized equipment.

We provide high-quality removal supplies, such as packaging products. You may rely on us to transport every item in your home with care since we use high-quality packing materials, specialized trucks, and experienced personnel.

Northwich Storage Units

For you, Parker’s Removals is the best moving and storage service. We provide cost-effective self-storage options that are suitable for all of your moving and unpacking needs. CCTV cameras in our facilities keep them safe, clean, well-lit, and monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You may count on us to keep your belongings safe.

We provide a variety of storage options to fit every budget, from tiny boxes that are ideal for personal belongings or seasonal decorations to large warehouses capable of storing everything from business equipment to commercial inventory.

We’ll discover any location you desire, no matter how big or small! And don’t worry if nothing suitable is immediately accessible… Simply tell us when you need something, and we’ll make sure it’s ready for you.

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